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In the quest to preserve authentic artesian craftsmanship, from needlework to printing and dining techniques, Earth & Spirit designer continuously cultivates authentic artisanal handwork, in addition to nurturing relationships with the people behind the craft.

A single piece can feature custom-made block printing, embroidery, crochet, and hand painted textiles… the garments are works of art in their own right.

Over 20 years ago, Prior to launching her fashion collection, Muna was one of the 1st to reimagine The traditional Islamic Rosery, Or prayer beads. Like she’s always done, Muna has turned to nature for ingredients and materials – besides the semi-precious stones, using cinnamon sticks, Cloves & cardamom to adorn was unheard of.

Muna has a natural affinity for layering texture with print, embroidery, and even glass beads… The shapes and colors are like a sensory party, and you can’t help but smile.



“More is more.”one can say to describe the variety of handwork featured in each garment, that said, the designer figured out how to balance what is traditionally considered ‘too busy!’ or clashing.

Nothing ever feels loud or out of place because every design element is considered and balanced to perfection.
Earth & Spirit fashion is for women of all ages… Garments are designed with everyone in mind. Whether it’s for the conservative customer who wants full sleeves and full length, or who wants to show just enough skin – the designer accommodates both by creating versatile & nifty items such as this dress worn in different ways, from sleeveless to full sleeve is one variation (group to the left). And the length on this dress is interchangeable as demonstrated in the photos (pair to the right).

Currently, Earth & Spirit runs three categories of production:

  • the original high-end wearable art.
  • cost sensitive items suitable for a wider audience and higher unit production.
  • accessories such as the Islamic prayer beads.

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